Apocalypse Red Lava Seeds


Apocalypse Red Lava Scorpion Pepper Seeds

One of the world’s hottest peppers! Ugly, but beautiful warted fruit sure packs a punch! This punishing pepper was developed by a Middle East Super Hot Pepper Exoert. Thanks to over 5 grueling years of breeding for intense heat, this super hot Apocalypse Red Lava Pepper stands a chance to be a Guiness World Record Breaker!

These Apocalypse Red Lava Pepper Seeds grown from the original strain that were obtained from the Original Middle Eastern grower. 

After investing over 15 years in an extensive breeding project aiming to create the hottest, tastiest, and finest chili pepper varieties, the relentless efforts are finally rewarding to all those associated with the project as well as our loyal customers and friends. The LAVA breeding project has resulted in producing some of the world’s hottest chili peppers on planet earth with some samples registering over 2.7 million SHU and an average of 2.5 million SHU.

The Red LAVA a bright red, outrageously HOT pepper with exceptionally sweet and very aromatic floral profile variety preferred by extreme hot sauce marker. This LAVA variety offers users both the maximum heat and flavor of the Capsicum Chinense specimen it has a clean long lasting smell that simply makes you addicted to consuming more and more of the sauce make from this variety. The red LAVA variety is the most commonly requested by our clients and used in our line of production.