Apocalypse Black Lava

Apocalypse Black Lava

Apocalypse Black Lava Pepper


The Black Lava Pepper, or Apocalypse Black Lava Pepper is an Extremely Hot pepper created and developed in the Middle East. 

The Apocalypse Black Lava Pepper has nice fruity taste and rivals the heat of any other so called superhot pepper. 

There are no official tests but many say that it Blows away the Carolina Reaper! 

After investing over 15 years in an extensive breeding project aiming to create the hottest, tastiest, and finest chili pepper varieties, the relentless efforts are finally rewarding to all those associated with the project as well as our loyal customers and friends. The LAVA breeding project has resulted in producing some of the world’s hottest chili peppers on planet earth with some samples registering over 2.7 million SHU and an average of 2.5 million SHU.

The Apocalypse Black LAVA is the hottest of all three and the hottest thing any human can experience. Therefore we had never shared any seeds for any lava variety in order to keep control of quality and purity of the strain. The LAVA tasting outcome is literally the experience of trying the melting rock (actual lava) in your mouth-if anything like that even possible- we know no human has ever tried to taste the melting rock simply because it is impossible and you will not stay alive.

Well, we think experiencing our Apocalypse Black LAVA is the closest thing any human can get to living the real experience of the heat from the melting rock. This LAVA variety have an exceptionally heat levels average above 2.7 million SHU combined with natural smoky like flavor with low tone of sweetness and strong aromatic flavor.